Composite bumpers for Toyota Tundra 2007-2018

We created this and other pages in English specifically for our friends from the US and other countries who are interested in the products that we can offer them.
Here you will find all the information you need and photos with examples of our work and integration of our components into Toyota Tundra pickup trucks.

This page is dedicated to the composite bumpers of our own production - "4x4 Tundra". Bumpers are manufactured in Russia, in the city of Vladimir in a factory that has been manufacturing components for pickups and SUVs from composite materials for many years. A little over a year ago we decided that the steel bumpers were already morally outdated and it was time to come up with something that looked elegant, was closest to the regular bumpers and at the same time retained the strength of the steel bumpers.
When creating our bumpers 3D modeling was used, prototyping, numerous fitting and prototype tests were conducted, so that they would stand on Toyota Tundra's regular mounts and look presentable and attractive.

As a result, we got a set of front and rear composite bumpers 6 millimeters thick (0.24 inches). The front bumper includes a steel frame of 5 and 3 millimeters (0.2 and 0.12 in.) With a platform for installing the winch, as well as LED fog lamps or daytime running lights (difference in light intensity). In the rear bumper are integrated LED back-up lights (dimensions, reverse, turn signals, stop lamps). Also, when creating a front bumper, the heatsink protection is integrated in it, so it remains only to install engine and transmission protection and the pickup units are not in danger.


Further in the photo gallery you can see various examples of integration of composite bumpers on various pickups Toyota Tundra since 2007 of release. Our composite bumpers are suitable for pickups of any production year up to 2018.

The main advantages of new bumpers are:
- elegant design
- strength, comparable with steel bumpers
- integrated platform for winch installation
- the presence of built-in LED fog lamps or daytime running lights
- possibility of customization for each pickup truck
- it is installed on regular fastenings of bumpers
- light weight - 38 kilograms (84 pounds) - front bumper and 20 kilograms (55 pounds)

And now the most interesting - prices.

The peculiarity of exporting products from Russia to the United States and other countries is that there is no problem delivering light goods - there is a postal service that will deliver the parcel quickly and inexpensively. However, in the case of bumpers, which are heavier and larger in size than required for express delivery, one has to look for the best options so that the price is interesting for all comers. Therefore, we found partners - a transport company - which is ready to deliver our bumpers and other goods to the US for a pleasant price, but it is necessary that the number of goods is 10-15, not less. Then the cost of delivery will be small enough that it does not strongly affect the final price.

Therefore, we choose such a scheme (until we find a partner in the US who can order the same 10-15 bumpers to their warehouse and sell them on the US territory independently).
We collect orders for 10-15 bumpers (it can be 6-7 sets or any number of rear or front bumpers), discuss customization and send them to the US. Delivery is made within 65-70 days (floating in a container across the ocean) to Houston. When they arrive in Houston, we inform all customers via email or Facebook of arrival and then you can redeem them and order shipping from Houston to your city. Before the arrival of bumpers in the United States and their placement in the warehouse, we (without your desire) will not be paid an advance payment or full payment from you.
Than, you can make it more convenient for you - either payment on a our credit card or via eBay (only there the price will be higher, as there are eBay and PayPal fees, but if you need a third-party refund guarantee, this option is the most reliable one).


Stage 1: From the factory bumpers go black, ready for painting. If you yourself are ready to do customization (paint them in the right color, for example). The pictures above show a front composite bumper with LED fog lights installed. The rear bumper comes in exactly the same color.

Stage 2: this option of customization implies the professional painting of the front and rear bumper with car enamel. You can order the color you need or a combination of colors (by sending us the code of the required paint) and we will do all the work here and you will get a ready-made bumper that you just need to install. The photos above show an example of a black enamel painted bumper on Toyota Tundra 2008. Unfortunately, we do not have many examples of painting composite bumpers with enamel, because it is more popular in Russia to treat them with LINE-X protective coating. Therefore, examples of the combination of colors you can see in the gallery at the beginning of the article or come up with this combination yourself.

Stage 3: this is our favorite kind of customization, since we are still LINE-X dealers in Russia. LINE-X is a protective coating that protects the car and components from corrosion, scratches and makes the surfaces stronger. The feature of the coating is shagreen, which appears when applied (that is, it is not smooth, as is the usual car paint). More information about the coverage of LINE-X you can read on the company's website. The protective coating of LINE-X can also be of different colors and the bumper can be covered with two colors to make it more attractive

In accordance with your chosen customization option, the price of bumpers will also change:

Bumper Type Price in Houston
Front Composite Bumper w/LED fog lamps Stage 1 (paint ready) $ 1 830
Front Composite Bumper w/LED daylights Stage 1 (paint ready) $ 1 562
Front Composite Bumper w/LED fog lamps Stage 2 (painted 1 or 2 colours) $ 2 000
Front Composite Bumper w/LED daylights Stage 2 (painted 1 or 2 colours) $ 1 737
Front Composite Bumper w/LED fog lamps Stage 3 (coated by LINE-X) $ 2 055
Front Composite Bumper w/LED daylights Stage 3 (coated by LINE-X) $ 1 800
Rear Composite Bumper Stage 1 (paint ready) $ 1 265
Rear Composite Bumper Stage 2 (painted 1 or 2 colours) $ 1 440
Rear Composite Bumper Stage 3 (coated by LINE-X) $ 1 490
The aluminum crest integrated into the front bumper under the winch with synthetic rope $ 35
Rotary numbering frame (for european number) covering the winch's tail on the front bumper $ 70

The above prices may change slightly due to fluctuations in the exchange rate of the dollar against the Russian ruble, but this will be very small figures that will be fixed at the time of sending the goods to Houston.
If you have any questions, ask them our manager, Nakonetchny Alexander on Facebook, or write to us by e-mail
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